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Wooden Pallet & Crate Products

From new and used pallets, crates, gaylord and wooden boxes, from truckload quantities to single unit deliveries.

Tampa Pallet can provide the shipping products that best fits your requirements.

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Manufactured from hardwood, pine, plywood, or OSB
New standard pallet sizes, such as 48 X 40 GMA'S,
48 X 48 drum pallets, 40 X 48 IBM pallets, 42 X 42,
telecommunication pallets, 48 X 45 gaylord pallets,
60 X 60 tire pallets
New custom pallet sizes for virtually any business application, 12 x 12, 36 x 24,
44 x 44, 96 x 48, 120 x 60, 240 x 96, or any other dimensions
New military spec pallets
New or used plastic pallets
New ISPM 15 Heat Treated Certified Pallets for International Shipments


Inspected and repaired
Used standard pallet sizes, such as 48" x 40" GMA'S,
48" x 48" drum pallets, 42 X 42 telecommunication pallets,
Remanufactured pallets built from used lumber into
custom pallet sizes
Used Plastic 48 X 40 Pallets
Used Plywood Crates
Used ISPM 15 Heat Treated Certified Pallets for International Shipments


Built to your specifications with Southern Yellow Pine.
New auto salvage engine skids
New front/rear end pallets
New transmission skids


Manufactured to customer size and style
New crates & boxes built with plywood, OSB, and
Southern Yellow Pine Lumber
New ISPM 15 Heat Treated Certified for International Shipments
New military spec crates
New auto salvage crates for engines, doors, transmissions

Gaylord Boxes & LUMBER

New lumber and manufacturing by-products.
Industrial grade Southern Yellow Pine lumber
Sawdust & Shavings for mulch and animal bedding
Used Gaylord Boxes

Used certified EUR EPAL PALLETS
link to www.palletcentral.com
Multiple Pallet Styles

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