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New, Used, & Certified IPPC
ISPM-15 Export Pallets & Crates

Established in 1954, Tampa Pallet Company is among the oldest new pallet manufacturers in the Southeast, and is acknowledged for providing exceptional customer service. The company manufactures high quality, all new, wooden pallets and shipping crates, and also provides used, recycled, and remanufactured pallets.

Tampa Pallet Company is the leading supplier of Certified ISPM-15 Heat Treated pallets and crates, both new and recycled, for the Tampa Bay area, Central Florida and the West Coast of Florida.

In addition to supplying truckloads of standard or custom sized all new, recycled, and re-manufactured pallets, Tampa Pallet Company is especially important to small volume customers who need only a few all new or used pallets, or have very specialized pallet design requirements.

Although the Company's primary service area is Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Orlando, Sarasota, and Bradenton, Florida, many of the all new, recycled, and ISPM-15 pallets and crates are shipped by Tampa Pallet Company to customers throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

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IPPC ISPM-15 HT Certified
Export Pallet & Crate Provider
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IPPC ISPM-15 HT Certified
Export Stamps
Tampa Pallet Company's US 043 HT Registered ISPM-15 HT Stamp

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